Following the successful launch of Praedia in October last year, our developers, data analysts, and designers have been hard at work expanding Praedia’s data coverage and functionality, building Praedia Store and incorporating data from our first official data partner.

Excitingly, we’ve extended our Praedia base data to now cover 18 Swiss cantons, with full geographical coverage in 16 (Zürich, Bern, Genève, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Zug, Schwyz, Aargau, Solothurn, Thurgau, Uri, Schaffhausen, Graubünden, St Gallen, Glarus and Freiburg), and partial geographical coverage in two (Valais and Appenzell Innerrhoden). We’re already hard at work expanding that full coverage to every canton and will also be enriching our base data with legal and zoning data layers outside the canton of Zürich.

Data that’s already included in the free version of Praedia includes plot and building geometry data, Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) data and Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS) data. Here’s what else is new in our February release – the first of many in 2022!



What’s new in Praedia?

We’ve opened Praedia Store

An integral benchmark on our roadmap and fundamental to our business model, Praedia Store will give Praedia users access to unique data sets, cutting-edge spatial apps and specialized services from leading providers across every sector of the real estate industry.

Alongside the data that comes integrated with your free Praedia account, you can now buy verified, trusted partner data covering a wide range of functionalities, currently available for properties across more than two thirds of Switzerland with more cantons being added soon.

We’ve also onboarded our first partner, FPRE (more about them below), and have more in the pipeline, adding their own data and services soon. 

For a walkthrough on how to use Praedia Store and buy data credits, watch this quick video.

Meet our first partner, Fahrländer Partner AG

Our first trusted partner whose data is now available in Praedia Store is FPRE - Fahrländer Partner AG, a private consulting and research company headquartered in Zürich that provides market data, valuation models and benchmarks in the real estate market.

FPRE specializes in micro and macro market intelligence with location data and ratings to create property analyses and valuations in real estate. Now integrated directly into Praedia, our users can access a wide range of valuable data to help drive investment and development decisions with certainty.

Your first partner data credit is free!

We’ve built a simple and intuitive interface. Buy credits in Praedia Store and use them as and when you’re ready to access any specific data you want. Each credit gives you access to that data set for one year, regularly updated to make sure it’s always valid and relevant for the location and market insights you need to make better real estate decisions. 

And to celebrate the launch of Praedia Store, we’re giving every Praedia user their first FPRE partner credit completely free. Praedia Store is open now, so claim yours today!

Get market intelligence through machine learning

We’ve built a proprietary machine-learning algorithm trained on Swiss Real Estate Datapool (SRED) transaction data that creates property price and historical price development estimations to give you more insight into real estate market behaviors. To improve accuracy, efficiency and data transparency, we also call out potential outliers in these estimations and provide statistics for actual postcode and cantonal price developments for comparison. Just go to market data in the ‘Analyze’ view of a property to get started.


What can Praedia do for real estate professionals?

The real estate industry is in urgent need of digital transformation – current practices are analog, siloed, counterintuitive and weighted towards businesses with deep pockets and established influence. Praedia is a free web platform that harnesses the power of Digital Twins to democratize the industry and help real estate developers, investors and other professionals of every size find, analyze and contextualize new real estate projects quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Built by Nomoko, Praedia brings digital transformation to businesses of every size operating at any scale. A single platform designed to integrate Big Data, GIS and BIM into searchable property maps, it unlocks a new level of data-driven decision making and represents a giant leap in the application of technology to drive better user experiences, speed up and refine property search, streamline investor and developer workflows, create unrivaled market insight and give confidence to decision making.

The best place to stay up to date with our new releases and Praedia updates is by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, The Digital Twin Digest. If you’re interested in becoming a Praedia Store partner, want to find out more about how it works or feel like giving us feedback on your experiences so far, we’d love to hear from you



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