It’s exciting times at Nomoko! 

Working in closed beta with real estate professionals and data providers covering almost every aspect of the real estate industry, our developers, data analysts and designers have now moved Praedia into open beta. The decisions we make and upgrades we incorporate are data and feedback based, driven by the input from our customers and users. Here’s what we’ve updated in our September release.


What’s new in Praedia?

We’re in open beta

Moving from working with a handpicked selection of industry professionals to inviting businesses with a verified interest in what Praedia can do to join and try it is the last step on our journey to putting Praedia live into the world. 

That means, if you’re keen to try Praedia (which is completely free to join and try, by the way) you can now join our open beta.

Predictive pricing is live

One of the features we’ve been most excited about adding is our estimated pricing model, which is now live for the entire canton of Zürich. Combining machine learning with market intelligence, Praedia now shows you market data for properties so you can see an estimated price for each property.

We think it’s going to be an amazingly powerful tool for real estate prospectors keen to quickly understand potential returns on investments without investing time, energy and resources - because Praedia does it all automatically for you!

We’ve gone nationwide

We aren’t just a Zürich startup – we’re a Swiss startup. That means we want our solutions and services to be available to businesses operating across the country, which is why we’re working hard to expand Praedia nationwide.

This rollout is an iterative one. In this release we’ve opened up the Praedia map countrywide and have added contextual data layers for base maps, points of interest and environment and transport data. Over coming releases we’ll add data stage by stage as soon as we’re happy with it – if it doesn’t meet our quality and reliability requirements, it doesn’t get added.

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What can Praedia do for real estate professionals?

The real estate industry is in urgent need of digital transformation. Praedia is a free-to-use web platform that harnesses the power of Digital Twins to help real estate developers, investors and other professionals find, analyze and contextualize new real estate projects quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Built by Nomoko, Praedia brings digital transformation to businesses of every size operating at any scale. A single platform designed to integrate Big Data, GIS and BIM into searchable property maps, it unlocks a new level of data-driven decision making and represents a giant leap in the application of technology to drive better user experiences. It uses Digital Twins to speed up and refine property search, streamline investor and developer workflows, create unrivalled market insight and give confidence to decision making.

Introducing Praedia Store – coming soon!

Set for release in Q4 2021, Praedia Store will bring together data providers, cutting-edge spatial apps and specialized service providers delivering digital transformation at scale for real estate businesses of every kind. Together we’ll drag the real estate industry into the digital era and at the same time future proof it for everyone.

Praedia Store is the basis of our business model and why we’re able to make Praedia free for everyone using it. Through this data, apps and services store, anyone using Praedia will be able to tap into a trusted, curated network of partners and buy add-on services, data sets and tools as well as Nomoko-made and third party apps. Think of it like an app store for real estate.

If you’re interested in becoming a Praedia Store partner or just want to find out more about how it works, we’d love to hear from you!



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